Max30102 Pulse Oximeter Heart-Rate Sensor Module GY-MAX30102

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This oximeter lets you sense blood oxygen level and heart BPM pulse readings. Just clip it on your fingertip and you can start getting the health readings. It is a very popular sensor which means numerous libraries and sample codes are available for most microcontrollers - Arduino, ESP32, Raspberry Pi, etc.

There were minor issues with previous models of the MAX30102 sensors with poor voltage regulators and pull up resistors. This model solves those issues and is plug and play with no hardware modification required to be done on the board.

Compared to the previous version of the max30102 sensor, this latest version of MAX30102 the latest version has only the sensor(and no other component) on one side of the PCB. This ensures the sensors mounts with uniform pressure on the fingertip for accurate and consistant readings readings.

It integrates two LEDs (IR and Red), a photodetector (Red), optimized optics, and low-noise analog signal processing to detect pulse oximetry and heart-rate signals. It is fully configurable through software registers and the digital output data is stored in a 16-deep FIFO within the device. It has an I2C digital interface to communicate with a host microcontroller.

The pulse oximetry subsystem in MAX30102 consists of ambient light cancellation (ALC), 16-bit sigma-delta ADC, and proprietary discrete-time filter. It has an ultra-low-power operation which makes it ideal for battery-operated systems.MAX30102 operates on a supply in the range of 1.8 to 3.3V.It can be used in wearable devices, fitness assistant devices, medical monitoring devices, etc. The MAX30102 operates from 1.8V and 3.3V power supplies and can be powered down through software with negligible standby current, permitting the power supply to remain connected at all times.

NOTE: MAX30102

This sensor works on 3.3V Devices directly. You can connect it to 3.3V devices like ESP8266, ESP32, etc directly. To use it with the Arduino UNO, Mega, Nano, etc use a level shifter in between. Else the I2C connection will not work.

We have tested this sensor with this library -  Max3010x Pulse and Proximity Sensor by SparkFun Electronics and it works perfectly.

This library can be installed in the Arduino IDE-->Manage Libraries

Github link for - Max3010x pulse and proximity sensor by SparkFun Electronics

Specifications and Features:

  • Optical sensor: IR and red LED combined with a photodetector

  • Measures absorbance of pulsing blood

  • I2C interface plus INT pin

  • 3.3V power supply complete pulse oximeter and heart rate sensor solution, simplifies design, integrated LEDs, photo sensor, and

  • high-performance analog front

  • Ultra low power operation increases battery life for wearable devices

  • Advanced functionality improves measurement performance, high SNR provides robust motion artifact resilience integrated

  • ambient, light cancellation high sample rate capability fast data output capability

  • It is an integrated pulse oximetry and heart rate monitor sensor solution.

Package includes:

1 x GY-MAX30102 pulse oximeter

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