Argon ONE V2 Premium Aluminum Case for Raspberry Pi 4

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Transform your Raspberry Pi 4 to look like A Shiny Mini-Computer using this Aluminium-Alloy Case. With Modern Space Grey Finish, Robust And Nice Looks. Specially designed for RPi with Cooling Fan, Heatsink, Air Vents, GPIO Camera USB HDMI Connectors and also a Power Buton!

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If you're looking for a fully-featured Raspberry Pi 4 case, then look no further than the Argon ONE V2 Pi 4 Raspberry Pi Case. In addition to providing passive and active cooling to keep the Pi 4 running cool, it incorporates multiple pieces to allow for access to different levels of the board like a magnetic dedicated door for the 40 pin connector that provides pin numbers and labels. An included fan HAT provides software controllable, active cooling while the aluminum enclosure provides passive cooling through two extrusions that provide a heat sink for the ICs on board (thermal tape included). An additional interface board plugs into the Pi and redirects all the connectors (outside of the 40 pin) to the one side of the enclosure. But probably the best feature is a properly configured power button that provides the ability to safely shutdown, reboot, or force shutdown the Pi.

This case is the best enclosure to house your Raspberry Pi Project and offers the best professional look for your product. 

If you are tired for all the cheap heatsink cases that promise high performance and finish, then this case will solve all your problems. The case is suitable for both prototpying and final deployment. 

  • Offers Passive and Active Cooling
  • All connectors positioned to one side of the enclosure
  • Magnetic door provides access to the 40 pin header without exposing the board
  • Aluminum enclosure with plastic base
  • Power button for safe power cycling
  • The Argon ONE Case is now better than ever as it has many new features to improve its functionality while still maintaining the features and form factor that made the case great!
  • Connecting a monitor to the case is now easier than ever with two full-sized HDMI ports! All the while allowing the Raspberry Pi 4 to use two monitors simultaneously.
  • There's even an IR receiver already installed in the case to allow the Argon ONE to be easily usable with an IR remote meaning the case now makes for an even better media player!
  • To top it all off, the case can be booted manually or automatically after a power outage by simply setting the jumper pins inside the case allowing you to use the Argon ONE however you see fit!
  • This is all the while still maintaining the case's form factor, as well as its ability to keep all ports including the two full-sized HDMIs at the back of the case. Even the GPIO pins are accessible at the top of the case and covered with a lid when not in use.
  • The case is still a heatsink and cools the Raspberry Pi with its fan (especially with its propietary script) but the fan is much more quiet than before to keep the Pi cool without causing any noise in the background.
  • The power button behind can perform the following with the installation of a proprietary script
    • safe shutdown
    • reboot
    • forced shutdown

Package Includes - 

  • Aluminum enclosure with plastic base to protect your tabletops (2 Piece)
  • Magnetic door for access to the 40 pin header
  • Fan HAT for active cooling (built into enclosure)
  • Interface board for headphone jack and HDMI connectors
  • Thermal tape
  • Phillips head screws for assembly
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