Uno R3 CH340G ATmega328p Development Board Compatible with Arduino SMD

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The Uno R3 CH340G ATmega328p Development Board is the low-cost version of the popular Uno R3 Arduino.
It is assembled with the CH340 USB to Serial converter chip, instead of using an Atmega16U2 chip.

This programmable Uno R3, has most of the features of the Uno with the added benefit of an ISP header and CH340G interface. This can be programmed over a USB B cable. You can power the this Board over USB or through the barrel jack. The on-board power regulator can handle anything from 7 to 15 Vdc.


USB Programming Facilitated by the CH340G
Header Pins Included.
Input voltage - 7-15V
0-5V outputs with 3.3V compatible inputs
14 Digital I/O Pins (6 PWM outputs)
6 Analog Inputs
ISP Header
32k Flash Memory
16MHz Clock Speed
All SMD Construction
R3 Shield Compatible

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