ProMax Metal Push Button Switch Waterproof (12mm, 3-6V, Blue , Ring, Momentary)

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This Momentary Metal Pushbutton Switch is a perfect choice if you are in need of a heavy-duty push-button. These metal push buttons are very tough, small, panel-mount switches with an illuminated Blue ring LED. It is an SPDT with 12mm threading and 1mm pitch. It gives premium look to your dashboard or control panel with a Led Light ring around the push area of the switch. These switches are available in White, Green, Blue LED light Colour, which you can choose for your application purpose.

The switch comes  Stainless steel body with an IP67 protection rating to provide the best environmental protection and long operational life. This button is perfect for basic On/Off functions. These momentary buttons are rated up to 3A and 250VAC while the LED is rated from 3-6V.

Specifications :

  • Stainless steel material for long-term use
  • High-end appearance and good to touch
  • Inbuilt Colorful Ring illumination LED
  • Available in White, Green, Blue LED Colours.
  • Independent LED terminals
  • Bright daylight LEDs
  • Single pole push to make and Push to break Function
  • Front and rear panel seal to IP67
  • Integral supply resistors
  • TVS protection
  • Good electrical conductivity
  • Momentary type push-button switch
  • Rubber ring and hexagon nut to fix, Waterproof and Dustproof.


  • Office equipment.
  • Medical equipment.
  • Industrial machinery.
  • Outdoor Controls.
  • Mass transportation.
  • Food processing equipment.

Package Includes:

1 x ProMax Metal Push Button Switch Waterproof (12mm, 3-6V, Blue, Ring, Momentary)


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