PAM8610 2X15W Audio Amplifier Class D Board Mini Xh-M120 12V

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Class D Amplifier for your microcontroller and Raspberry Pi. It accepts audio signals through a 3.5mm connector and can drive 2x 15W Speakers with volume control.
The PAM8610 amplifier board is an all new efficient amplifier board that is equipped with a 15W dual channel class D audio amplifier. This XH-M120 PAM8610 amplifier board is much more efficient and performs better than the Class AB amplifier boards.

This Pam8610 audio amplifier board helps save cost and PCB area by eliminating the need for a low-pass output filter. It also has the ability to extend the battery life and is ideal for portable applications.

It accepts audio through a 3.5mm signal connector and can drive 2x 15W Speakers with volume control.

Just add two compatible speakers, power the board by 12V and provide the audio input. The amplifier will drive the speakers to play the input audio signal!

  • Model: XH ~ M120
  • Suitable for use with microcontrollers and Raspberry Pi. 
  • Supports volume control through knob and can drive 2x15W Speakers
  • Work: Class D (PWM modulation)
  • Chip selection: PAM8610
  • Scope of supply: DC6 ~ 15V
  • Keep pushing Voltage: DC12V
  • Output Power: 15W * 2
  • Channel Type: Dual Channel
  • SNR:90dB
  • Frequency response:20Hz-15KHZ
  • Quiescent current:20MA(DC 12V)
  • Recommend Speaker:10-100W
  • Input Impedance:20M
  • Harmonic distortion<0.1?
  • Dimensions: 43mm x 47mm
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Probots PAM8610 Audio Amplifier Overview

Probots PAM8610 Audio Amplifier Overview

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