6 Pin GX20 Male to Female Aviation Connector Plug

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It is a GX-20 6-Pin Metal Aviation Plug Male and Female Panel Connector. The connector is mostly used to transmit signals or power. This type of connector is used in places where a watertight connection is required, and also in harsh environments. Professional GX-20 6Pin air plug socket.Made of solid material, more durable. One set includes one male and one female Connector. The aviation connector is used widely in signal and electronic connector of aviation space light, post and telecommunications, computer, navigation and various kinds of instruments, CNC machine, etc
The connector is ideal for panel mounting and has got separate male and female pins. The cable can be soldered directly on them

Specification :

  • Coupling: Threaded Coupling
  • Contact Diameter and pin number: Ø1.2 6
  • Rated Current:10A
  • Working Voltage:400V
  • Shell Material: Zinc Alloy with Nickel plated
  • insert Material: Backlite
  • Termination: solder
  • Temperature Range:-20°C~+85°C
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