Voltage Detection Sensor Module with Analog Output

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This is a simple but very useful module that uses a potential divider to reduce an input voltage by a factor of 5. The Voltage Sensor Module allows you to use the analog input of a microcontroller to monitor voltages upto 25V. An input voltage between 0 to 25V is converter to 0 to 5V which can be easily interfaced to the ADC pin of a microcontroller to sense the voltage. Perfect for use in battery monitoring, charge regulation, low voltage sensing, etc

For example with a 0-5V analog input range, you are able to measure a voltage up to 25V. This voltage sensor module also includes convenient screw terminals for the easy and secure connection of a wire.

This voltage sensor is a precise low-cost sensor for measuring voltage. It is based on the principle of resistive voltage divider design. It can make the red terminal connector input voltage 5 times smaller. Arduino AVR chips have 10-bit AD, so this module simulates a resolution of 0.00489V (5V/1023), so the minimum voltage of the input voltage detection module is 0.00489Vx5=0.02445V.


  • Voltage input range: DC 0-25V
  • Voltage detection range: DC 0.02445V-25V
  • Voltage Analog Resolution: 0.00489V(depends on ADC Resolution of MCU)
  • DC input connector: Terminal cathode connected to VCC, GND negative pole
  • Output interface: "+" connect 5/3.3V, "-" connect GND, "s" connect the Arduino AD pins

Package Includes:

1 x Voltage Detection Sensor Module

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