Digital to Analog DAC Converter Module MCP4725 Arduino Raspberry

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The MCP4725 Module is the Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) that will let you output analog voltages from a microcontroller! The MCP4725 is a 12 Bit I2C controlled Digital-to-Analog converter (DAC). The output analog voltage can be controlled digitally from a microcontroller like the Arduino/Raspberry Pi. This is a 12 bit DAC converter. What this means is that it will accept up to 4096 possible inputs to provide an analog output, where an output value of zero is zero and an output value of 4095 is full scale(5V). A DAC allows you to send analog signal, such as a sine wave, from a digital source, like the I2C interface on the Arduino microcontroller. Digital to analog converters are great for sound generation, musical instruments, and many other creative projects!

This board breaks out each pin you will need to access and use the MCP4725 including GND and Signal OUT pins for connecting to an oscilloscope or any other device you need to hook up to the board. Also on board are SCL, SDA, VCC, and another GND for your basic I2C pinout. Additionally, if you are looking to have more than one MCP4725 on a bus, the pull-up resistors on this board can be disabled just check the Hookup Guide in the Documents section below for instructions and tips on doing this.


  • This module can be used to output an analog output voltage between 0-5V using a digital signal
  • The module saves the values on power off and starts with the same value on power on

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