TP5100 Li ion Battery Charger Double Single Cell 1S 2S 2A

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TP5100 Li ion Battery Charger can be used to charge 1S and 2S Li ion Battery from an input voltage of 5V-18V. It is a double switch buck 8.4V, single cell 4. 2V lithium battery charge management chip. Its ultra-compact  and simple external circuit, making TP5100 ideal for portable equipment so large current charging management applicationsTP5100 built-in input overcurrent, undervoltage protection, over temperature protection, short circuit protection, battery temperature monitoring, reverse battery protection.



  • Portable equipment, various chargers
  • Smartphone, PDA, mobile cellular telephone
  • MP4, MP5 players, tablets
  • HM
  • Power Tools
  • Walkie-talkie




           Input voltage: 5-15V DC power supply.

           Charge status: full and unloaded blue lights, charging red.

           Double 8.4v / 4.2v lithium rechargeable single .

           Programmable charge current. 0. 1A-2A .

           Programmable steady precharge current 10% -100%.

           Red and green LED charge status indicator.

           Chip temperature protection, overcurrent protection, under voltage protection. Battery temperature protection,                 reverse battery shutdown, short circuit protection. Switching frequency 400Khz, usable inductance 20uH.

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