NX8048P070-011C-Y Nextion Intelligent 7.0″ HMI Capacitive Touch Display with Enclosure

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7" HMI Display offers a large industrial-grade display solution with capacitive touch and frame. HMI with Nextion Software makes it easy to deploy GUI applications with minimal programming.

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HMI Displays are becoming increasingly popular as a result of their intelligence, and Nextion is one of the popular brands that only manufactures a Diverse Range of high-quality displays at comparatively high prices. These HMI displays are faster to interact with than other HMI displays because they use high-quality components that set them apart.

Nextion HMI Display gains more popularity in the market due to its originality and compatibility in industries and High-end projects also need these types of high-end displays. This Display comes with a good quality hard plastic Enclosure that makes this Stronger.


  1. Nextion Display Type: Intelligent Series
  2. Nexiton Model: NX8048P070-011C-Y (7.0-inch resistive touchscreen with enclosure)
  3. Built-in RTC support (Battery type: CR1220)
  4. Operating Voltage:5V-6.5V
  5. Operating Current: 530mA(VCC=+5V, Brightness is 100%).

Specifications :-



Operating Voltage (VDC)


Max. Operating Current (mA)           


Screen With Enclosure Size

21.8cm(L) x 15cm(W) x 2.25cm(H)

Screen Size

18.10cm(L) x 10.8cm(W) x 0.93cm(H)


800 x 480 pixel

Touch Type



> 1 million



Backlight Lifetime (Average)

>30,000 Hours



Weight (g)


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This display is perfect for applications where quick deployment is required. Users can quickly add a high resolution display using just a serial port.

  • Nextion is especially suited for projects where a HMI Display is required to be added to existing machines which currently do not have any display
  • Indication, Control and supervisory of sewer and wastewater plants
  • Pump stations
  • Storm flow monitoring
  • Storm flow reservoir
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Control of aerators in sewage plants
  • Energy optimization
  • Water supply plants and raw water sources
  • Raw water borings
  • Ground water pump stations
  • Filter rinsing
  • Pressure booster stations
  • Pressure control
  • Filtering plants

Package Includes:

1 x Power Supply Test Board
1 x XH2.54 4P Wire
1 x Nextion Intelligent NX8048P070-011C-Y 7.0″ HMI Capacitive Touch Display with enclosure


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