N76E003AT20 1T 8051 - Based Microcontroller

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The N76E003 is an embedded flash type, 8-bit high-performance 1T 8051-based microcontroller. The instruction set is fully compatible with the standard 80C51 and performance enhanced. The N76E003 contains up to 18K Bytes of the main Flash called APROM, in which the contents of User Code resides. The N76E003 Flash supports In-Application-Programming (IAP) function, which enables on-chip firmware updates.

IAP also makes it possible to configure any block of the User Code array to be used as non-volatile data storage, which is written by IAP and read by IAP or MOVC instruction. There is an additional Flash called LDROM, in which the Boot Code normally resides for carrying out In-System-Programming (ISP). The LDROM size is configurable with a maximum of 4K Bytes. To facilitate programming and verification, the Flash allows being programmed and read electronically by parallel Writer or In-Circuit-Programming (ICP). Once the code is confirmed, the user can lock the code for security.

The N76E003 provides up to 18 I/O pins under 20 pin package and rich peripherals including two UARTs, SPI, I²C, 6-ch PWM output, wake-up function, and Brown-out detector. The competitive features include a high precision <2% deviation 16 MHz Internal RC oscillator, and a high-resolution 12-bit 8 channel ADC. N76E003 supports small form factor packages TSSOP20 (4mm x 6.5mm) and QFN20 (3mm x 3mm) for easy board design.



– 1T 8051 processor
– Max frequency up to16 MHz
– Wide operating voltage: 2.4V to 5.5V
– Temperature range: -40℃ to 105℃


– 18 KB of Flash memory
– 1 KB of SRAM
– Supports configurable Data Flash
– Supports program update by:

ISP (In-System Programming)
ICP (In-Circuit Programming)
IAP (In-Application Programming)
– Up to 6-ch PWM
– Programmable dead-zone generator


– 12-bit 8-ch ADC
– Runs up to 500 kSPS


– Two UARTs up to 115200 bps
– One SPI up to 8 MHz
– One I²C up to 400 kHz

Clock Control:

– < 2% deviation16 MHz Internal RC oscillator
– 10 kHz Internal RC oscillator


  • Access Control System
  • Thermostat
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Electric Meter
  • Data Collector
  • Battery charger etc.

Package Includes:

1 x N76E003AT20 1T 8051 - Based Microcontroller


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