Mini Air Pump DC Blower 6V for DIY Hobby Projects

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This is a low cost air pump is great to pump air and works on 6VDC. These air pumps It is extremely simple and easy to use. Just power the pump with 6V DC and they will start pumping air through the output nozzle. Great for building science projects, DIY Hydrolicks, fire-extinguishers, fire fighting robots, fountains, waterfalls, plant watering systems etc.

Specification :

Air Output : 4 SCFH (2 lpm)
Pump Pressure : 10 PSI
Power Requirement : 6V DC
Power Consumption : 2W
Motor : Brushless DC Motor
Outlet Dia : 0.16"(4 MM)
Noise level : 45 DB
Dimension : 2.3" x 1.1" (58 x 27 mm)
Weight : 0.07Kg

Features : 

• Compact size
• Steady air outputs with low noise
• Very low vibration
• Low power consumption
• Economical

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