Max98357 I2S 3W Class D Amplifier Module For Raspberry Pi Esp32

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The Board takes a I2S Audio Signal Input, converts it to analog, amplifies it and plays it on an external speaker. Use it to play audio from a Microcontroller (ESP32, etc) or a Raspberry Pi.


The I2S digital audio amplifier board is suitable for Raspberry Pi. Accepts digital audio through the I2S interface, converts it to an analog output signal and amplifies it to play it on an external speaker. It combines an I2S D/A converter with an audio amplifier in a single. Usefull for playing audio from an ESP32 or Raspberry Pi. It plays a digital I2S Audio Signal on a speaker, which means the audio quality is better. Requires just 3 IO Lines for playback.
Suitable for playing audio sound, playing sounds in games, alarms, beeps, alerts,  and interfacing with I2S Microphones.
The small stereo amplifier module is surprisingly powerful and delivers up to 3.2W on 4Ω impedance speakers. The class D amplifier can be operated with a voltage of 2.7 V - 5.5 V. Due to the high efficiency of the amplifier, the module is particularly suitable for mobile and battery-powered projects.
The I2S audio input supports 3.3V and 5V levels. The gain can be set to the following values ​​using the gain input: 3dB, 6dB, 9dB, 12dB and 15dB.
By default, the stereo signals (L + R) are mixed to form an output signal. The behaviour can be changed using a resistor so that only L or R is output.
  • 3.2 W output at 10% THD, 4 Ω impedance of the speaker and 5 V power supply
  • 2.7 - 5.5 V operating voltage
  • 77 dB PSRR at 1 kHz
  • Selectable gains: 3 dB, 6 dB, 9 dB, 12 dB, 15 dB
Package Includes:
  • 1 x MAX98357 I2S 3W Class D Amplifier Interface Audio Decoder Module Filterless Board For Raspberry Pi ESP32
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