LoRa Module SX1278 Long Range Wireless Module 433Mhz IoT

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LoRa Modules are long range low power RF Modules. Great for IoT applications to send sensor data to the cloud over long ranges.


  • FSK/GFSK , LoRa(Long Range) spread spectrum technique
  • Half-duplex communication
  • Excellent blocking immunity
  • Channel rejection ration(ADJ):56dBm
  • High RX sensitivity : -139dBm
  • ISM multiband, free of charge with no need to apply for frequencies
  • Optional multi-frequency, multiple transmission rate,can be applied in FDMA and FM technologies
  • Intelligent reset, low voltage monitor, timing wakeup, low-power mode,sleep mode
  • Low power RX current: 12~13 mA
  • 256 Bytes FIFO TX/RX
  • ISSI channel detection
  • Transmission mode?FIFO / direct mode?recommend FIFO packet mode?
  • Configuration?AFC/air wakeup/low power/carrier sense/FEC error correction/AEC encryption
  • Remote control and data collection system
  • AMR(water meter, ammeter and gas meter) automated meter reading
  • Wireless handheld unit, oil field, mining area, construction site, factory
  • Industrial data collection, transmission and intelligent control
  • Wireless alarm system
  • Smart home system
  • Baby monitor, Hospital calling system
  • Small size wireless data terminal

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