2S 3A BMS Battery Management System Lithium Charger 18650 Protection Module

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Lithium-Ion Battery Packs need to be Balanced Charged and protected from Over Charge and Over-Discharge. This ensures the safety of the circuit and gives optimum battery life preserving the original capacity through use. You can use this Battery Management System(BMS) to ensure these conditions. It also offers short circuit protection. 

If you are using a 2S Lithium Battery in your project, you can also use this BMS Module to protect it from short circuits in the circuit. In the event of a short circuit, the BMS will cut power to the battery and restart.

 This module provides overcharging, over-discharging, short circuit, and also overcurrent draw protection to the Battery Pack. It also charges the battery in a balanced manner.

For any protection condition, the 2S 3A Lithium-Ion BMS Module recovers automatically after some time after the protection trigger condition is not present.

NOTE: Before, attaching the battery pack or making a battery pack, ensure that all the batteries in the battery pack are having the same voltage level, if any of the battery is having different voltage, than give it a cycle of charge/discharge and make all batteries at same voltage level, than only attach it with Battery Management System.

Features :

  • Over Current Protection
  • Over-Discharge Detection Voltage: 2.3-3.0V
  • Under Voltage (Over-discharge) protection
  • Maximum Working Current: 3A.
  • Transient Current: 5A
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Working Temperature: -40° ~ 50° C
  • Internal Resistance: Less than 45m.

Package Includes:

1 x Lithium Battery Charger BMS 18650 Protection Module Circuit (2S, 3A)

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