Lens for Infrared Temperature Sensor IR Thermometer Long Range

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All IR Non Contact Temperature Sensors have a very small range unless they already come with lens installed by the manufacturer. You can use this lens to increase the sensing range of your IR Temperature Sensor upto 5 meters! This small and only coin sized so easy to implement in your product. Just place this lens at 20mm from your sensor in a circular tube to shield it from other IR Sources. 

It has a distance to spot ratio of 8:1. At 8 cm the lens can focus a circle of radius 1 cm on the sensor. We have been getting good body temperature readings upto 50cm in our testing. Accurate body temperature reading in the range of 2-15cm(depending on your lens mounting quality).

This lens reduces the field of view of your sensor to 30 degress. Suitable for use with all temperature senors with a wide FOV including 90degree.

Note: If your thermopile comes factory calibrated, when you add external optics like this lens, the output should be recalibated in software for your specific arrangement to get accurate temperature readings. This can be done by changing the sensisitivity of the sensor in your software, and also by empirical testing and maintaining a detailed lookup table of original readings vs new readings after adding lens. 

To use this lens with your temperature senosr, you will need an external lens holder and have to ecalibrate your sensor to considering the addition of the lens.

We have carefully designed and manufactured this lens to get the best range, performance and life. Contact us directly if you need help in integrating the lens in your project.

Specification :

  • Lens Diameter 16.8mm
  • Focal length 20mm (Place the lens at 20mm from your sensor, flat-smooth side away from the sensor)
  • Angle: 30 degrees
  • Maximum Sensing Distance: 5m
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