20g -10kg Flex Sensor Resistive Film Pressure Sensor RP-L-110

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A Flex and Force sensor. This is a flexible sensor that changes its output when it is bent or when force is applied to it. This sensor has two output wires. The resistance between these two wires varies when the sensor is bent or when subjected to a force. Hence, this sensor can be used as a flex or force sensor.

This sensor is great for making whiskers for obstacle avoiding robots, gloves that sense finger positions, door position sensors, etc


  • Item Type: Film Pressure Sensor
  • Pressure Sensing Range: 20g~10kg 
  • Triggering Force: 20g, trigger when resistance < 200k ohm by default
  • Thickness: 0.35mm
  • Shape: Sheet, Flexible
  • Not Triggering Resistance: >10MΩ
  • Activation Time: <0.01s
  • Hysteresis: +10%, (RF+ - RF-)/FR+, 1000g force
  • Response Time: <10ms
  • Electromagnetic Interference EMI: Not generated
  • Electrostatic Discharge ESD: Not ESD sensitive
  • Drift: <5%, 2.5kg load, 24H

Package Includes:

1 x Flex Sensor Resistive Film Pressure Sensor RP-L-110 


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