7inch IPS HDMI Display High Definition 1024X600 for Raspberry Pi

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This is high quality 7 inch IPS Display. Compared to normal 7 inch HD Displays, it offers higher viewing angle, better sunlight readability, true colours, and a 5 point touch screen for Input. Build the best UI Interface with this display to make your product stand out from the normal 7 inch displays.
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This is a high quality premium IPS Display for Raspberry Pi. Compared to standard 7 inch display screens, it offers higher viewing angles, better sunlight readability, true dynamic colours and also a high quality touch screen for input. It can also be used as a display for any SBC that supports HDMI Display output, standard HDMI Display and also as a secondary Desktop PC Screen.


Product Features:

  • IPS full Angle display: The viewing Angle is large, with true color, Dynamic picture quality and Energy saving and environmental protection design
  • 1024X600 hd vision: Resolution for hd 1024X600 pixels
  • Tempered glass touch panel: Hardness up to 6H, more durable and scratch resistant compared to normal dislays
  • External audio output interface: Built - in power amplifier circuit. Just connect your speaker directly to get audio output. 3.5mm external audio interface available for connecting a speaker
  • Can be Used as a mini PC monitor: Support raspberry pi, Banana Pi, BeagleBone Black and other SBC development boards with HDMI
  • OS Support: Support Raspbian, Kali Linux, ubuntu and other mainstream systems, single touch plug and play without a driver.
  • Can be used as a secondary display for Desktop PCs

Product Description

  • Product Parameters
Screen Type IPS screen
Screen Size 7.0 inch
Resolution 1024 x 600
backlight adjustment Independent button to adjust
Touch Screen Type Capacitive Touch Screen
Touch IC GT911
Power MicroUSB(5V/2A)
Video Input Interface HDMI
Audio Output Interface 3.5mm Audio Interface
Module Size (L x W x H) 164.90 × 102.00 × (14.25±0.2)mm
Product weight (including package) 510g
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Note: To use this display with Raspberry Pi, make the following changes to the  config.txt file - 

Open the “config.txt” file in the root directory of SD card on the computer, Add the following at the end of the file
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