4 x 1.5V AA Cell Battery Case Holder with On/Off Switch

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A battery holder is one or more compartments or chambers for holding a battery.A battery holder is a plastic case with the shape of the housing molded as compartments that accepts batteries.
Coiled spring wire or flat tabs that press against the battery terminals are the two most common methods of making the electrical connection inside a holder.

The Holder For Battery 4 X AA Cell Box with On/Off Switch puts a nice finishing touch on your battery powered project. This holder features a removable sliding cover which is secured with a plastic grove.
Another bonus is the ON/OFF switch which can be used to control power to your project. The leads are about 15cm, and the last 5mm of them are tinned. It is a series connection.
The case box can keep your batteries organized and protected. The holder case is designed with leads for easy to solder and connect. This battery holder case is perfect for the devices need a 6V external battery.


Cell Quantity: 4
Battery type: AA
Dimensions cm (LxWxH):7 x 6.4 x 1.7
Storage temperature: 25ºC.
Max Operate temperature: 80ºC.
Wire Length: 15 Cm.
Color: Black.


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