18650 Lithium Battery Holder Shield Module

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This 18650 Battery Holder is a board that comes with a built-in battery charging module as well as an I2C battery monitoring system for the raspberry pi. If you want to convert your project into a portable solution then this is a solution for you this board comes with a 18650 Li-ion Battery holder and a charging module for the battery this board can supply a maximum of up to 6A current to the raspberry pi via its output terminals which is more than enough for the normal operation of the raspberry pi.

This module has a built-in battery monitoring system, which can monitor the battery voltage and send the information via the I2C protocol to the raspberry pi. This can come in handy while building a self-powered raspberry pi project which can also monitor the battery voltage and alert when the battery voltage falls below a certain limit.


  1. I2C Battery Monitoring
  2. Built-in Li-ion Battery Charging
  3. Can Supply up to 6A Output Current
  4. Supports Charging Current of 1A

Package Includes:

1 x 18650 Lithium Battery Holder Shield Module

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