9V Original HW High-Quality Battery for Hobby Electronics

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This is General purpose 9V Original HW marked Non-Rechargeable Battery for all your project and application needs.

Its Universal 9V battery size and connecting points; it is useful in many DIY projects as well as household applications and they can easily be replaced and installed; the same as you would an AA battery or an AAA battery.

Safety Precautions :

Avoid short-Circuit the battery terminals.
Do n0t put it beside the high-temperature condition.
Don’t throw it into the fire or water after use

Specification :

Product: 9V battery
Battery type: Zinc Carbon battery
Dimension: 26.5mm x 48.5mm x 17.5mm
Nominal voltage: 9V


Constant 9V Output till lasts
Metal Jacket Body
Good Built Quality and hence Leakproof
Easy to install and Replace
Corrosion-free Connector Point for long-term use
0% Mercury and Cadmium. Environment-friendly
OEM Compatible.

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