3.2 inch TFT LCD Display Module SPI Interface 240 x 320 with Touch Screen

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This TFT display is big bright and colorful! 320 x 240 pixels with individual RGB pixel control, this has way more resolution than a black and white 128×64 display.

As a bonus, this display has a resistive touch screen attached to it already, so you can detect finger presses anywhere on the screen. This display has a controller built into it with RAM buffering so that almost no work is done by the microcontroller.

The display can be used in two modes: 8-bit and SPI. For 8-bit mode, you’ll need 8 digital data lines and 4 or 5 digital control lines to read and write to the display (12 lines total). SPI mode requires only 5 pins total (SPI data in, data out, clock, select, and d/c) but is slower than the 8-bit mode. In addition, 4 pins are required for the touchscreen (2 digital, 2 analogs).

This 3.2-inch SPI Touch Screen Module is wrapped up into an easy-to-use breakout board, with SPI connections on one end and 8-bit on the other. If you’re going with SPI mode, you can also take advantage of the onboard MicroSD card socket to display images.

The 3.2-inch display doesn't have a built-in level shifter, so it's advised to use only 3.3v. Using a node MCU would be more suitable cause it provides only 3.3v. if you are using a 5v microcontroller like the Arduino UNO, MEGA, Using a level shifter would give you the appropriate voltage needed to operate the LCD without damaging it.

This TFT module has an ILI9341 driver, adafruit has this library. this library can be downloaded directly from Arduino ide, while using the node MCU you will just have to change the pin configurations in the code.



  • Touch: Resistive
  • Display Size: 3.2
  • Input Voltage (V): 3.3 to 5
  • Driver IC: ILI9341
  • Color Depth: 262K/65K
  • Resolution (dots): 320*240

Package Includes :

1 x 3.2-inch SPI Touch Screen Module TFT Interface 320*240

1 x Stylus Pen


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GitHub link of ILI9341 driver library for Arduino IDE: ILI9341 Library

For details on Touch screen Display calibration: ProbotsTutorials

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