10.1" Inch IPS Display for Raspberry Pi with Speakers HDMI

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This is the best large-screen display for Raspberry Pi. Perfect for building professional and neat GUI Applications. Includes Inbuilt Speakers for Audio.

This is the perfect single solution for building great GUI Interfaces with the Raspberry Pi. It includes a high resolution IPS Display, Responsive Touch Screen, and also inbuilt speakers for playing Audio. All this works by plugging the HDMI port to your RPi. Build a great product and diferentiate it from the other one that use low quality displayes.

Product Feature

  • IPS full Angle display: The viewing Angle is large with true colors. Dynamic picture quality is excellent. Efficient Energy saving and environmental protection
  • Resolution: 1024X600 HD
  • Tempered glass touch panel
  • Hardness up to 6H, more durable and more scratch resistant
  • External audio output interface
  • Inbuilt Stereo dual speaker outputt
  • 3.5mm external audio interface
  • Can be Used as a games monitor: Support Xbox360,PS4,Switch etc
  • Can Used as a mini PC monitor
  • Supports raspberry pi, Banana Pi, BB Black and other mainstream computing development boards
  • Support Raspbian, Kali Linux, ubuntu and other mainstream systems, single touch plug and play without driver.
  • Support win10/win8/win7 system, support five-point touch plug and play driver

Product Description

  • Product Parameters
Screen Type IPS screen
Screen Size 10.1 inch
Resolution 1024 x 600
Backlight adjustment Switching and adjusting of dial switch
Volume adjustment Switching and adjusting of dial switch
Touch Screen Type Capacitive Touch Screen
Touch IC GT9271
Power MicroUSB(5V)
Speakers Power 8Ω 2W
Video Input Interface HDMI
Audio Output Interface 3.5mm Audio Interface + Stereo dual speaker output
Module Size (L x W x H) 236.00*145.57*(20.00±0.2) (mm)
Packaging Size (L x W x H) 295*195*70 (mm)
Product weight (including package) 900g


① HDMI Interface Input HDMI signal, using HDMI cable connection, commonly used to connect to the computer,The maximum supported resolution is 1920x1080
② Touch Interface Transfer touch signal, connect with micro USB cable, provide touch and power supply function, commonly used to connect computer
③ Power Interface Connect to the power supply and use micro USB cable to connect. Only power supply function is provided
④ 3.5mm Audio Interface Output audio signal, connect audio output device, such as headphones
⑤ Stereo speakers Output audio signal for external playback of audio signal
⑥ Touch Interface Transmit touch signal, connect with micro USB cable, provide touch and power supply function, commonly used to connect Raspberry Pi
⑦ HDMI Interface Input HDMI signal, connect with HDMI adapter, only used to connect to the Raspberry Pi,The maximum supported resolution is 1024x600
⑧ Cooling Fan Interface Connect cooling fan
⑨ Copper x 8 Used to connect raspberry pie and scaffolds
⑩Wheel Switch Used to adjust screen backlight brightness and volume. By default, in the volume adjustment state, up and down to adjust the volume + and -. Press the switch to switch to the backlight brightness adjustment state, up and down to adjust the backlight brightness increase and decrease respectively. The volume and backlight brightness adjustment state is switched by pressing the switch.


More Information
Technical Details

You can use this display with your Raspberry Pi 3/3B+ or 4. Just connect the HDMI port to your RPi and make the following changes in config.txt -


hdmi_timings=1024 1 50 18 50 600 1 15 3 15 0 0 0 60 0 40000000 3  

This display can be used as the HDMI touch monitor of Windows computer, only need to connect HDMI interface and TOUCH interface

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