Raindrops Detection Sensor Module

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The Raindrops Detection sensor module is used for rain detection. It is also for measuring rainfall intensity. Rain sensor can be used for all kinds of weather monitoring and translated into output signals and AO.
It has a power indicator LED and an adjustable sensitivity though a potentiometer.

The module is based on the LM393 op amp. It includes a printed circuit board(control board) that “collects” the rain drops. As rain drops are collected on the circuit board, they create paths of parallel resistance that are measured via the op amp. The lower the resistance (or the more water), the lower the voltage output.Conversely, the less water, the greater the output voltage on the analog pin. A completely dry board for example will cause the module to output five volts.

Specifications :

Operating voltage: 5V
Provide both digital and analog output
Adjustable sensitivity
Output LED indicator
Compatible with Arduino
TTL Compatible
Bolt holes for easy installation

Packages included:

1 x The raindrop sensor module set
2 x Female/Female jumper wires

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