Optocoupler Isolation Module PC817 ( 2 Channel )

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This is a PC817 2 Channel Optocoupler Isolation Board. Onboard with 4-Channel 817 are independent, so they can achieve different voltage control at the same time. Using 4-way 817 optocoupler, to achieve the control signal and the control signal isolation, you can directly use the microcontroller or other devices IO port to achieve voltage isolation control, you can achieve a small voltage control, the control side can be an external transistor MOS tube or different voltage levels Of the device interface.


  1. Driving Port Signal Voltage: 3.6-24V
  2. Output Port Voltage Port: 3.6-30V
  3. Output Can Be Switched From Pull-Up or Pull-Down With Jumpers.


  1. I/O isolation for MCUs (Micro Controller Units)
  2. Noise Suppression in Switching Circuits
  3. Signal Transmission Between Circuits of Different Potentials and Impedances

Package Includes:

1 x Optocoupler Isolation Module PC817 2 Channel

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