LockIT LEBL-N-01-12F Electric Bolt Action Lock with Time Delay 12V

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Mini Entry Level Electric Powered Door Lock for Access Control & Home Automation Systems. This is bolt action lock that can be activated by DC Power. Bolt action locks offer higher security compared to EM locks of similar size.
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LockIT Electric Bolt Locks are a range of locks which can be operated by DC Voltage. Designed for Security and Access Control and access control systems. Users can match their requirements with a wide range of models based on different sizes and operating modes. Bolt locks are suitable for bidirectional doors (doors that open on both sides) and offer higher security compared to similar-sized Electromagnet (EM) locks.

These bolt locks come in recessed mountings and can be used to replace traditional door locks. It comes with inbuilt activation delay timers and feedback outputs. The bolt rotates freely, making attempts to tamper or cut extremely difficult.

These locks can be activated using an access system controller, microcontroller, PLC, etc . Use a relay or MOSFET to activate the lock from a microcontroller/PLC. Suitable for use in interior doors, cabinets, entrance doors, etc. They are popular in access control applications, home automation, office/industrial automation, etc.


  • Brand: LockIT
  • Model: LEBL-N-01-12F
  • Electric Lock that works on 12V DC Power
  • Current Consumption: 1.1A on start, 0.14A steady current after Bolt Extension
  • Bolt Locks provide higher security compared to electromagnetic EM Locks
  • Time Delay Adjustment - On door close, lock activates after a preset interval of 0, 3 or 6 seconds
  • Feedback Function to detect the door lock status
  • Recessed type models for direct replacement of traditional locks
  • Power ON to lock, power off to unlock the door
  • High-strength material in anodized aluminium housing
  • High corrosion resistance construction
  • Can be opened by push button, remote controller, etc
  • Bolt is triggered only after detecting metal plate in the door frame. This safety feature prevents the bolt from extending when the door is opened
  • Available Time delay: 0, 3 or 6 seconds user adjustable by slide switch
  • Unlock Mode: NC Failsafe
  • Dimensions Lock Body: 125×38×38MM   
  • Dimensions Size of the plate:93×26×3mm


  • Can be used in Access Control Systems
  • Home Automation Systems
  • The Mini Electric Lock is perfect for cabinets and lockers
  • Door Locks in Commercial Buildings, Warehouses, Industrial Facilities 
  • Suitable for all types of door materials - Wooden doors, stainless steel doors, etc
  • Fire doors and entrance gates
  • Microcontroller / PLC based door locks
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