Foot Switch Black with Enclosure

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A Footswitch is simply a device that opens or closes an electrical circuit and a footswitch, sometimes called a "stomp" switch, is operated by someone stepping on the actuator, which is typically a pushbutton or a pedal. The advantage of using a footswitch is simply that it frees up a person's hands for other work while still allowing a human operator full control over switching. This footswitch comes with an enclosure compared to other footswitches. These footswitches can be used in any Arduino projects where there is a use for footswitches with an enclosure.

The footSwitch is used for Hands-Free Switching, you can consider getting footswitches for any application where having "hands-free" switching would be helpful. A footswitch is a rugged switch which is operated by foot pressure. An example of use is for the control of a lamp, guitar amplifiers, woodworking equipment such as saws or routers and dental chairs. These footswitches have a nonslip surface to improve safety and reduce foot fatigue. they provide Hands-free operation. press down to turn on, lift foot to turn off.


Product name: Foot Switch Black with Enclosure
Color: Black
Working current:3(A)
Contact resistance:20(Ω)
Working voltage:250v

Package includes:

1pc Switch 

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