CD4017 Decade Counter IC DIP-16 Package

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Features:- Wide supply voltage range: 3.0V to 15V High noise immunity: 0.45 VDD (typ.) Low power Fan out of 2 driving 74L TTL compatibility: or 1 driving 74LS Medium speed operation: 5.0 MHz (typ.) with 10V VDD Low power: 10 µW (typ.) Fully static operation Specifications:- Parameter Specification Input Voltage (VIN) −0.5 VDC to VDD +0.5 VDC Storage Temperature (TS) −65°C to +150°C DC Supply Voltage (VDD) −0.5 VDC to +18 VDC Power Dissipation (PD): Dual-In-Line 700 mW Lead Temperature (TL) 260°C (For more detailed specification refer Data Sheet)
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