Analog Daily timer GIC J648B1 FM1 / Quartz Daily 240 VAC Base/DIN Mounting

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GIC Analog Daily timer is an ideal solution to save energy and cost with an economical solution and also provides ease of assembly in narrow panels and takes up little space.

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GIC Analog Timer is set according to the hours to be controlled and ensures that the system works at the same times every day. It's the economical solution for daily control operations. GIC - J648B1 is a timer that is frequently used to control electrical equipment such as motors, street lighting, and garden irrigation in addition to all facilities and factories. GIC -GIC J648B1 is a time relay that provides energy and cost savings by controlling the daily operation of electrical devices in real-time periods adjusted by the user.

General Description:

Parameter Description
Brand Name GIC
Model Number J648B1
Colour White 
Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Connector Type Crimp
Terminal Type Screw
Contact Material Copper
Operation Mode ON-OFF-ON
Switch Type DAILY
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Parameter Description
Supply Voltage & Frequency 240 V/50Hz
Power Consumption 2VA
Accuracy   - + 1.5sec/day at 20 Degrees
Switching Contact 1 C/O Contact -AgCdO
Contact Rating
Incandescent lamp

16A @ 250 VAC, 0.25A @ 220 VDC
8A @ 250 VAC
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