40 Watt Hot Melt Glue Gun

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This is multipurpose Standard Temperature 40 Watt Hot Melt Glue Gun with Superior quality .
Glue Gun consists of a trigger that is pressed by the user to spray the Hot melted glue liquid adhesives on the surface of the broken items. This glue sprayers can extensively be used in the toys, home appliances, furniture, fancy items, packaging, shipping companies as well as in DIY projects by hobbyist people and others.

This gun works with All color glue sticks with size if 11mm diameter. This gub includes 2 small 7cm length 11mm glue stick inside the package. 

Features : 

Voltage: 110-220V
Power consumption: 40W
Melt Temperature(°C): 190 (± 10)
Use Glue Stick Size: 11MM
Trigger-freed mechanism controls glue flow
40 watts Black Glue Gun with Instruction on the Back Side.
Thermostat, Speed Melt (Internal PTC Heating Element).
Hot Melt Glue Gun Solid Body, The use of Advanced Engineering Plastic Manufacturing.

Applications :

Electronic DIY Project
Any household quick fix
To fix broken toys
In Decoration purposes
Repair Holes in Window Screens
Reattach the Float for a Tank After Its Mount Corroded Away
Repair Broken Tail Light Covers on Cars
Reattach Trim on Cars
Reattach the Side View Mirror on a Car
Reattach the Heel of a Shoes
Repair the Cracked Housing of an Electric Appliance


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