USB to Micro USB Cable wire 1M for NodeMCU & Raspberry Pi

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One meter long USB cable. It has the regular sized A plug on one end and a micro plug on the other. Ideal for new Arduino Uno boards,NodeMCU Boards.
Either for data transmission or phone charging, this 1M Wire Data Line V8 Micro USB to USB Charging Cable for Android Phone will bring you much convenience and help in daily life. Adopting high-quality material and with fine workmanship, this data cable is durable in use. For professional design, it can connect your cell phone to your mobile device to access and synchronise your phone files. Besides, with portable and compact size, this data cable enables you to transfer files from your cell phone conveniently. 
Features :
Cable length: 1 Meter
The cable is made of durable and high-quality material
Enable you to easily transfer all your files from or to cellphone
USB 2.0 data sync and power charger cable
Convenient use with portability and durability
Meticulously crafted connections to ensure a high data transmission rate.
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