SOP14 SSOP14 TSSOP14 SMD to DIP PCB Adapter Board

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Soldering SMD Components is easy if you have the right PCB. This Adapter PCB lets you use SMD SOP14 SSOP14 TSSOP14 components in a breadboard or for prototyping PCBs. It is great for the evaluation of SMD ICs without having to fabricate a PCB everytime. 

The adapter lets you solder SOP14 component on one side or a SSOP14 TSSOP14  component on another side. After soldering you can use the SMD Component just like a through hole component - plug it on a breadboard or solder wires directly to the pins. 

The pins are broken out to standard 0.1"(2.54mm) pitch DIP pins. The pins are clearly labeled for easy identification and prototyping.

The SOP8 TSSOP8 SSOP8 TO DIP8 ADAPTER is a tiny adapter for all SO, SOP, TSSOP, MSOP based SMD chips/transistors. It is Dual-sided SOP14/SOIC14/SO14/TSSOP14/SSOP14 SMD to DIP adapter, one side is for pin pitch size 0.65 mm, and another side is for 1.27 mm pitch.

Just connect this adapter on your PIC programmer and push the PIC12F series chips on PCB for loading the code into chips.

Note: Header pins are not included in Package. 



  1. This is a Double-Side PCB Circuit Board, Each PCB board has 14 pins, It is compatible with 2- 14 pin chips.
  2. The side for pin pitch size 1.27mm, It can be used for most of the SO, SOP, SOIC to 2.54mm DIP.
  3. B side for pin pitch size 0.65mm, It can be used for most of the SSOP, TSSOP, MSOP to 2.54mm DIP.

Package Includes:

1 xSOP14 SSOP14 TSSOP14 TO DIP14 Adapter 1Pcs.

We also have similar adapter for various other SMD Packages. Do check them out and make sure you have them before starting out prototyping with SMD ICs.

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