Proximity Sensor SN04-N Inductive Obstacle Distance NPN Type

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This NPN inductive proximity sensor can detect the presence of metals objects in front of it. The detection distance may vary slightly depending on the shape, size, and type of metal the object is made of. It can detect through thin, non-metallic materials and has an LED indicator that turns on when the device is powered, and increases in brightness when an object is detected. This inductive sensor can detect metallic objects within 5mm and behaves like a switch that connects to a digital input. This sensor is perfect for use in 3D Printers, CNC Machines, to detect the initial positions and for bed auto levelling. You can also use this module for optical encoders, robotics, DIY Electronics, etc

Note: There are different variants of this proximity sensor, for exact details on these models please contacts us.



  • Model:SN04-N
  • Output: NPN Type output
  • Work Voltage:10VDC-30VDC
  • Detection Distance:5mm
  • Output Current:300mA
  • Number of wire and Type: 3 wire, NO
  • Size:18*18*36mm
  • Crust Material: Plastic
  • Detects metallic objects

Package Includes:

1 x Proximity Sensor SN04-N Inductive Obstacle Distance NPN Type

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