PCB Etchent - Ferric Chloride for DIY Etching Agent FeCl3

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This PCB etchant(Ferric Chloride) is perfect for etching DIY PCBs at home. Just mix it with warm water and start etching your PCB. Best part is that, the solution can be stored and used multiple times!

Our Ferric Chloride etchant comes in a neat air tight box and contains 80gms of Ferric Chloride! We have also carefully selected the best quality etchant for faster etching and long life!

  • High Quality Ferric Chloride specially sourced for PCB Etching
  • Package Weight: 95 grams
  • Ferric Chloride: 80 grams
  • Comes in high quality air tight packing

Note: When mixed with water, Ferric Chloride forms a strong corrosive solution that corrodes and stains anything that it comes in contact with it. It is harmful to the skin and eyes. Hence, it should be used with the highest level of carefulness and with all precautionary measures taken. We are not responsible for any harm or injuries it may cause.

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