LED Connector (10mm, 4pin )

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The LED strip connector is used for connecting RGB 5050 flexible LED light strips and strip segments around the corner. The L-shaped led strip connector is used when you need to spring your light strips around a sharp 90-degree corner. The gapless led strip connector helps connect two RGB 5050 flexible LED tape light and strip segments easily and quickly without soldering.

For a non-waterproof LED strip, just open the clip, gently insert the strip light under the small conductors and make sure that the positive side on both the connector and the LED light strip match up in order to get a proper connection, then you’ll feel the connector grab the strip.

Note: The LED strip shown in the image is just for the representation, the package does not include LED Strip


  • LED Connector 4pin 10mm L Shape.
  • The connectors of this wire are for strips whose PCB board width is 10mm
  • Suitable for RGB / RGBW / RGBWW color 5050 LED strips

Package Includes:

1 x LED Connector (10mm, 4pin)

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