Corona DS-919MG Digital Metal Gear Servo 1.7kg Motor

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High Torque Servo Motor with Metal Gears. Suitable for building robot arms, grippers, rc planes, gimbals, etc

Servo Motors are great for applications where output positional control is required. Servo motors are the easiest to use motors as they do not require external motor drivers, feedback sensors, etc. Just connect it to your microcontroller to a Digital IO pin and you can start controlling the servo motor.

The DS919MG is a high quality servo motor and generates torque upto 1.5kg.CM. Suitable for high torque applications like Robot Arms, Grippers, Controlling Flaps in RC Planes, Steering Control in RC Cars, or as a generic mechanical actuator.

They offer High reliability, good stability, easy installation, Low noise, minimum vibration, smooth operation & long life.


  • Model: DS919MG 
  • Operating Voltage: 4.8V / 6.0V
  • Operating Current: 200mA / 240mA
  • Operating Speed: 0.07sec.60º/ 0.06sec.60º
  • Stall Torque: 1.5kg.cm /1.7kg.cm
  • Size: 22.5X11.5X24.6mm(0.88"x0.45"x0.96")
  • Weight: 12.5g
  • Operating Travel: 40º/one side pulse traveling 400us
  • Dead Band: ≤3uSec
  • Potentiometer: 2 slider/Direct Drive
  • Ball bearing: MR85
  • Gear: Metal
  • Motor: Coreless
  • Gear Type: Digital
  • Connector wire: 215mm
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20J+60J
  • Spline count: 21
Package Included:
1 x Corona DS-919MG Digital Metal Gear Servo 1.7kg / 0.06sec / 12g
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