Banana Plug 2mm Black colour

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2mm Banana plug, male type banana connector with head of 2mm dia. Goes well with 2mm socket. Ideal for power connections, audio connections as well as logical circuit connections. Simple patch cables can be made using these little pins which are very handy to use while prototyping circuits.

Can be used in all kind of training equipments and panel based instruments. Available in red, black and blue colour enclosures.

Specification :

Sizes: 2 mm
Length : 30mm
Body : A.B.S Contact : Brass, nickel plated .
Current Rating : 5A d.c. Max.
Colours : Black

Note : We have this connector in Blue, Yellow and Red Colour variants. The picture is just for reference and is not the actual product. kindly call before placing the order for actual Picture.


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