4 Switch Capacitive Touch Keypad TTP229 for Arduino Raspberry Pi

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This is a 4 Key Capacitive Touch Module. Unlike mechanical and membrane keypads, this offers touch sensitive buttons and better feel during usage. Having no mechanical components, this keypad offers better durability compared to other mechanical keypads. This keypad offers digital output for all the switches and can be directly connected to Arduino/ Raspberry Pi/NodeMcu, ESP8266, ESP32, etc. This keypad has four independent outputs for the individual switches and can also be used without a microcontrollers. The switch can be configured and used in multiple modes - latching, toggle, momentary, active high and low. Onboard jumpers can be used to set the desired mode.


  • Operating voltage2.4V~5.5V
  • Built-in regulator
  • TTP224 4-way switch digital touch capacitive touch sensor module
  • 4 key board TTP224 capacitive touch sensor IC
  • Onboard 4-level status indicator
  • Module can set the output mode, the key output mode, the longest time and fast output / low power options
  • Auto calibration at power up (keypad must not be touched for 0.5 seconds after power up)
  • Auto calibration for changes in environment
  • Modes can be selected and configured by the user
  • PCB Size: 35x29mm

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