HX711 Load Cell Amplifier Board ADC Converter Weight Module

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This module can be used to interface a load cell to an Arduino, Raspberry Pi or any other general purpose microcontroller. Load cells are very useful to measure weight of object placed on them, but they the output they produce is only in milli volts which is very difficult to interface with a microcontroller. This HX711 Load Cell Amplifier Board solves the issue of connecting a load cell to a microcontroller. The HX711 can produce highly accurate 24 Bit Analog to Digital Conversion on the load cell output and give high resolution weight data. This lets you measure weights with a resolution of +/- 0.1gm with the right load cell!

This Load Cell Converter Module is very popularly used. Hence there are numerous guides, tutorials and libraries available on the internet on using this sensor.

This Weight Sensor amplifier is based on HX711, which consists of an amplifier and a precision 24-bit analog-to-digital convertor designed for weigh scale and industrial control applications to interface directly with a bridge sensor. The HX711 uses a two wire interface (Clock and Data) for communication. Compared with other chips, HX711 has added advantages such as high integration, fast response, immunity, and other features improving the total performance and reliability. Finally it's one among the best choices for electronic enthusiasts.


  • Power Supply voltage:2.6 – 5.5 V
  • Two Wire Serial Interface (Clock and Data)
  • 24 Bit high precision ADC.
  • Selectable Gain Amplifier – 32, 64 and 128
  • Operation Voltage: 2.7V-5V
  • Operation Current: < 1.5mA
  • Selectable 10SPS or 80SPS output data rate
  • Simultaneous 50 and 60Hz supply rejection

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