300mm Nylon Cable Tie White 54.4 KGs

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Cable tie is generally known as a zip tie or tie-wrap and it's a type of fastener, especially for binding several electronic cables. These cable ties are commonly used to bind and organize wires and cables together. 

This nylon cable tie consists of a tape section with triangular teeth that slopes in one direction. Cable ties are generally viewed as single-use devices, they are typically cut off rather than loosened and reused.
  • Color: White
  • Length: 300mm
  • Width: 7.6mm
  • Tensile Strength: 54.4 KGs
  • Bundle Dia:75mm
  • Keeps cords and wires neatly bundles
  • Help prevent accidents from loose or damaged cables
  • For use at a temperature not exceeding 80°C
Package Includes:
1 x 300mm Nylon Cable Tie White 54.4 KGs
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