ProMax 16mm Metal Push Button Switch ON/OFF with 5V Green LED Waterproof

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Metal Pushbutton Latching is a perfect choice if you are in need of a heavy duty push button! These metal push buttons are a very tough, small, panel-mount latching switch with an illuminated Green LED ON/OFF Symbol. It is a SPDT with 16mm threading and 1mm pitch.

This switch comes with Non-Momentary Self-Lock action which means it holds its physical position with ON/OFF state until you press it again. A threaded head and a nut, which makes it perfect to be mounted and installed which encloses in your project cases showing flat hexagonal ring structure outside. With glowing, your desired colourful light ring itself in switch gives an attractive design and premium look which compliments quality panels and dashboards.

This button is perfect for basic On/Off functions. Overall length (including leads) is 1.5" and has small solder lugs for connection. These Latching buttons are rated up to 3A and 250VAC while the LED is rated for 5V.


Stainless Steel Body
IP65 Weatherproof Rating
Tamper Resistant
Latching Operation Type
Blue LED Ring

Note: These Led come is White, Red, Green, Yellow and Blue color. 

Application : Great for electromagnetic starter, relay, Horn Button Switch, PC Power Switch or any circuit controls

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