Assorted Resistor Box 1//4 Watt

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This is a assortment of commonly used resistors each of a 1/4 power rating.

This box contains 5 resistors of the each of the following value - 4.7E, 10E, 27E , 30E, 47E, 68E, 100E, 330E, 560E, 750E, 1K5, 1K2, 3K3, 5K6, 6K8, 10K, 15K, 22K, 47K, 68K, 82K, 91K, 100K, 120K, 270K, 330K, 470K, 2M4.

Note : The Resistor values keep changing with stock. Call and confirm before placing the order. 

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