Screw Extractor Tool for Damaged Broken Screw Head Removal

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This tool lets you remove a screw with a broken/stripped head. If you've ever stripped a screw or broken off the head of a bolt, you know how frustrating that can be. Well, not anymore. Introducing the damaged screw and bolt remover. With this Screw Remover, you can easily remove any stripped screw in ten seconds or less. You'll never again be slowed down or frustrated by a stripped screw or broken bolt. If you can use a drill, you can use the Screw Remover. Even if you break off the entire head of a screw or bolt, you can still extract it right out No problem Made with Durable Hardened Steel and is reusable. Great for Contractors, Carpenters, Handymen, Do-it-Yourselfers, Great for Anyone! Works with ANY Screw or Bolt of ANY size!

  • Removes any type of screw or bolt! (Phillips, flat, hex, painted & more)
  • Durable hardened steel construction
  • Quick & easy to use
  • Works with any drill
  • Removes any stripped screw in 10 seconds or less
  • Even works on jagged, uneven, or rough breaks
  • Self centering tip
  • Compatible with quick connect chuck systems
  • Size: 1 #, 2 #, 3 #, 4 #

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