BreadBoard Jumper Kit 140pcs Solderless Cable Wire for Prototyping

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These jumper wires are ideal for building circuits between your microcontroller and the breadboard on a breadboard. Prototyping on a Breadboard allows you to build temporary circuits, test and validate them

  • Easy to trace, easy to connect and disconnect
  • Wires are flexible, durable, reusable
  • There are 140pcs jumperwires. Each length has 10pcs jumperwire
  • Wire Length:
  • Approx. 2mm - 10pcs
  • Approx. 5mm - 10pcs
  • Approx. 7mm- 10pcs
  • Approx. 10mm- 10pcs
  • Approx. 12mm- 10pcs
  • Approx. 15mm- 10pcs
  • Approx. 17mm- 10pcs
  • Approx. 20mm- 10pcs
  • Approx. 22mm- 10pcs
  • Approx. 25mm- 10pcs
  • Approx. 50mm- 10pcs
  • Approx. 75mm- 10pcs
  • Approx. 100mm- 10pcs
  • Approx. 125mm- 10pcs
  • Color: Assorted color(red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, gray, brown, white.....)
  • Plastic Box size: Approx. 165×55×10mm / 6.5x2.17x0.39inch
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