ProMax Toggle Switch 2 Position MTS-102 ( SPDT, ON-ON, 3 Pin)

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This heavy-duty single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) toggle switch makes a great power switch or state selector for user interfaces. The switch handle can be switched to 2 states - ON and ON. It is rated for 3 A at 250 VAC and 6 A at 125 VAC. We have carefully selected the best switch from numerous manufacturers which offer the best noise-free operation, good load switching, and long operation cycles.

The front part of the switch has a screw and can be easily mounted to an enclosure using a nut. The switch comes with a washer and a nut for easy mounting to enclosures.


  1. No of Positions: 2 - ON and ON
  2. Switch Type: 3 Pin SPDT
  3. Maximum Voltage: 250V
  4. Maximum Current: Rated for 3 A at 250 VAC and 6 A at 125 VAC
  5. Durable in use
  6. It can be used on low voltage or high voltage circuits
  7. Ideal for switching lights or motors
  8. Applications include telecommunications, instrumentation, networking and medical equipment

Package Includes:

1 x ProMax Toggle Switch 2 Position PTS102 ( SPDT, ON-ON, 3 Pin) with Mounting Nuts

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