TIP31C NPN Bipolar Power Transistor (100V 3A 40W TO220)

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The TIP31C is a base island technology NPN power transistor in TO-220 plastic package with better performances than the industry standard TIP31C that make this device suitable for audio, power linear and switching applications. The PNP type is TIP32C.

Specification/Features :

  • Package Type: TO-220
  • Transistor Type: NPN.
  • Max Collector Current(IC): –3A or -3000mA.
  • Max Collector-Emitter Voltage (VCE): –100V.
  • Max Collector-Base Voltage (VCB): –100V.
  • Max Emitter-Base Voltage (VEBO): –5V.

Package Includes:

1xTIP31C NPN Power Transistor

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