CircuitX Surface Mount Plastic Enclosure - Medium (PEM18)

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This large sized enclosure is suitable for all your project housing needs. Made from high quality plastic this enclosure is 14.5 cm x 10.9 cm x 5.7 cm in size. Perfect for housing medium sized PCBs and boards. It has a flange on each side, which can be used to mount the enclosure on a flat surface - wall, table, etc.

Can be easily modified, cut, and drilled into with simple tools to match customer requirements. It is light and yet quite strong and rugged. Perfect for housing small/medium sized projects.

  • Outer Dimesnsions: 14.5 cm x 10.9 cm x 5.7 cm in size
  • Maximum PCB Size that can be housed: 122mm x 64 mm x 52 mm
  • Colour: Cream(varies with stock, please confirm before ordering)
  • Enclosure consists of a bottom piece and a lid which clips onto to each other and can be secured through 4 countersunk self tapping screws.
  • Application: Can be used to house DC Charger, LED Drivers, General Purpose Boards, etc
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