Round Dial Potentiometer 5 Pin 10K 16mm for Volume Control

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Round Dial Potentiometers are variable resistors whose resistance can be varied by moving the handle linearly from one end to another. This is item includes two 10K potentiometers with a common ground in a single package. It has a nice big 16mm diameter dial which can be used to manually adjust the required resistance. This potentiometer is popularly used in radios and stereos for audio volume control.

This is basically a variable resistor, which means when the handle is at one end the resistance is 0 ohms. Moving the handle towards the other end will change the resistance towards 10K as per the handle movement. Can be easily connected to the analog pin on an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi to get the handle position.

This is traditionally manufactured for audio and volume controls. But is great for controlling lights or a fan, linear encoder, etc


  • 16mm Round Dial Potentiometer
  • Dual potentiometer with common ground
  • 5Pin interface
  • Resistance: 10K
Package Includes:
  • 1 x Round Dial Potentiometer

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