Pixhawk 32 Bit Flight Controller Kit with GPS Telemetry Sensor

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This flight controller is based on the rapidly evolving and refined Ardupilot mega or “APM”, an open source project from 3DR robotics. This amazing flight controller allows the user to turn any fixed wing, rotary wing, or multi-rotor vehicle (even boats and cars) into a fully autonomous vehicle, capable of performing a wide range of tasks even programmed GPS missions with waypoints with the optional GPS Module. It is a full autopilot capable of autonomous stabilisation, way-point based navigation and support for two way telemetry with radio telemetry modules. It Supports 8 RC channels with 4 serial ports. Various user interfaces are available for programing, reviewing logs, even some Apps for smart phones and tablets. The optional telemetry radio allows for two way radio communication giving you full control and provides live data back to your computer or tablet. The list of what this flight controller is capable of has quickly been surpassed by what it cannot, with features, flight modes and supported platforms. The APM project is supported by thousands of users pushing this open source flight controller to be one of the best systems available.


  • The advanced 32-bit ARM CortexM4 high-performance processors, can run NuttX RTOS real-time operating system;
  • 14 PWM / servo output;
  • Bus interface (UART, I2C, SPI, CAN);
  • The integrated backup power and backup controller fails, the primary controller fails over to the backup control is safe;
  • Provide automatic and manual modes;
  • Provide redundant power input and failover;
  • Multicolor LED lights;
  • Provide multi-tone buzzer Interface
  • Micro SD recording flight data
  • 32 2 MB flash STM32F427 Cortex M4, with hardware floating-point processing unit
  • Frequency: 168MHZ, 256K RAM
  • 32 STM32F103 backup coprocessor
  • L3GD20 3-axis digital gyroscope 16
  • LSM303D 3-axis accelerometer 14 / Magnetometer
  • MPU6000 6-axis accelerometer / magnetometer
  • MS5607 precision barometer
  • 5 high voltage compatible UART 1, 2 with hardware flow control
  • 2 CAN
  • RSSI (PWM or voltage) Input
  • I2C
  • SPI
  • 3.3 and 6.6VADC input
  • External MICRO USB Interface


  • Pixhawk 2.4.8 32bit ARM Flight Controllerx 1
  • Safety buttonx 1
  • Buzzer x 1
  • Neo-M8N Gps Module x1
  • Black Gps Holder x1
  • Power Module x1 ( yellow and black color XT60 connector PM send at random?
  • Minim OSD w/ shell x1 ( 2 kind of OSD cable send at random)
  • I2C Splitter Expand Module x1
  • PPM Module w/ shell x1
  • RGB module × 1
  • 433/915 MHZ telemetry x1 ( send by your choice)
  • 6pin turn 6pin cable x 1
  • 4pin turn 4pin cable x 1
  • 3pin DuPont line x1

*Note: The reference to APM refers to the ArduPilot project, a family of open source autopilots based on the Arduino open source computing platform, developed by 3DR and the open source community. It consists of a choice of ArduPilot Mega (APM) electronics and a range of free software versions for different vehicles and is governed by an open source creative commons license. This product is based on the open source APM Project from 3D Robotics. *Note: This product is not manufactured by 3DR Robotics

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