3.5mm Bullet Connectors Gold Plated for High Current

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These are great for making connectors in high current cables. If you are regularly connecting and disconnecting the wire and you need a connector capable of handling high currents. Use this.

Bullet Connectors are perfect to make tight wire to wire connections in high power applications. These connectors can handle twice as much current as their smaller 2.5mm counterparts (so long as you use a thicker gauge of wire). Use it to connect ESC to Motors and Battery.

3.5mm Bullet connectors are used to provide solid and quick electrical connections by snapping together. These are suitable to make a tight connection in high power applications. Bullet connectors consist of two parts: a bullet-shaped male end and a socket-shaped female end. 3.5mm bullet connectors are bullet connectors with a diameter of 3.5mm and a maximum current of 60A. These connectors are useful for connecting small ESCs to brushless motors, or any other generic power wiring. This bullet connector comes with 1 male and 1 female 3.5mm bullet connector. In order to secure the attachment, we need to solder a cable to the connector. These 3.5mm bullet connector offers low resistance, as a result, gives the best electric flow. It operates at a constant amperage rating of 40A -50A.

We have these bullet connectors in different sizes offering flexibility for a range of applications. Bigger connector sizes generally offer a higher current ratings. 3.5mm connectors are capable of handling twice the current than 2.5mm bullet connectors. 


  • Includes one male and one female connector
  • Rating: 60A
  • Diameter: 3.5mm
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Brass construction offering excellent corrosion resistance
  • Optional Heatsink Sleeves can be added to provide insulation & to prevent the risk of electrical shock
  • Transparent/Color Coded Heatsinks can be added to allow you to troubleshoot effectively
  • Cost effective solderless connection for wire strands


Bullet connectors are a type of crimping connector ideal for wire strand installations that require repetitive connect and disconnect solutions quickly and effectively. They are available in a wide range of AWG sizes with male and female options available and are commonly used in are such as:

  • Automotive
  • Audio and visual
  • Automation
  • Industrial
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